Bereavement resources

"From Loss to Hope" pamphlet series

Reading can be a great help when the loss of a loved one leaves us feeling vulnerable and exposed. To make sure you have all the tools you need to maintain your well-being during this time of sorrow, we have created nine pamphlets on coping with your loss. Each pamphlet offers practical advice and comfort during the difficult time you (or someone close to you) may be experiencing. These pamphlets are available for download in PDF format or in paper format at our Administration building.

  1. Helping Ourselves During Our Bereavement
  2. Helping Ourselves When We Lose a Parent
  3. Helping Ourselves When We Lose a Spouse
  4. Helping Ourselves When We Lose a Child
  5. Helping a Child Overcome Their Grief
  6. Helping a Friend in Mourning
  7. Helping a Friend in Their Last Days
  8. Helping Suicide Survivors
  9. Helping Teenagers Overcome Their Grief

"From Loss to Hope" compact disks

Palliative care psychologist Johanne de Montigny has worked with us to create two compact disks that may provide help for bereaved persons seeking help and guidance. Directed by Michel Comeau. For further information, please contact Francine Mc Duff at 514-735-1361.

"Le temps précieux de la fin"

In 2003, Les Éditions Novalis published Le temps précieux de la fin (Precious time at the end) by Jean Monbourquette and Denise Lussier-Russell, an excellent book for people seeking to prepare for death and live in serenity during the final days of their lives. Using a wealth of technical, psychological, humanist and Christian resources, the book is intended as a guide on “how to die” in peace and harmony.

Orders: 514-523-3596

Maison Jean Monbourquette

La Maison Jean Monbourquette also provides support to the bereaved. Founded as a non-profit organization in 2004, the centre offers a shelter "where individuals experiencing bereavement may go to find support one-on-one or in groups."
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