Other commemorative items


"Night adorns itself with infinity of precious stars, and I hold a fragment of eternity in the palm of my hand."

It is often difficult to imagine life without the presence of our loved ones. For those who find this need particularly strong, a reliquary preserves a tiny but priceless quantity of ashes of their departed loved one.

Our reliquaries are crafted in a variety of materials, including gold, silver and pewter, in original shapes customized to suit your personality. Each reliquary is a precious object to be kept close to your heart.

Saint Peter’s Book

"Lord, to you we entrust the souls of those departed whom we so dearly love. Grant that Peter may make them welcome and open to them the gates of Your Kingdom."

Located in a special area near the Administration building and the Resurrection Chapel, this monumental granite sculpture, ten feet high, in the shape of an open book, is the first commemorative work of its kind in Montreal. The monument contains space for 300 bronze plaques, each bearing the name, birth and death dates of a departed loved one. Bronze, with its exceptional longevity, is one of the "eternal" materials – the perfect medium to record a testimony of love.

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