A monument is for life...

As an enduring testimony of a family’s memory, a headstone or monument symbolizes the presence of the deceased, granting them a place in eternity. It also encourages reflection and brings together those who remain. When the time comes to choose a funerary monument, our experts are here to make the task easier for you, with helpful suggestions about design, and advice about available materials and styles.

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The headstones and monuments produced at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery are carved in the finest granite from quarries in Quebec, Ontario and Vermont, and also Russia, Norway, India and South Africa. Granite offers an amazing variety of textures and colours. This means that in addition to the monument’s shape and size, you’ll be able to choose a distinctive colour and ornamental style that suits your personal taste. Our granite monuments are all covered (except for accessories) by a guarantee in perpetuity against corrosion, crazing or disintegration due to exposure to the elements.


Our engraving department offers a variety of styles and motifs appropriate to the inscription requested to mark the memory of the loved one over time. Special effects, in addition to standard letter cutting, include painting, relief lettering, inset panels, mounted photographs...and much more. Ask your consultant about our various options.

See the video "Carved in a tombstone"


The "Angel with a Broken Wing," a particularly beautiful bronze statue in the Olier section of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery, was created by the great Quebec sculptor Alfred Laliberté.

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